Field Therapy



Influence on personal witness/DNA (lock of  hair) with rotating to the right (+) torsion fields with individually selected frequencies, number and duration of sessions of special electronic generator, depending on the problems (impaired functions, diseases and disabilities) of the organs and systems of the human body. 

The selection is done by radiestezial means, from frequency range, proposed by scientists from USA, Germany and Russia.  


·        Ensures mobility of the lympf;

·        improves the blood supply of the capillaries and through this the nutrition of the cells; 

·        eliminates the stagnation of the energy in the tissues, the reduction of which occurs with a sense of pain;

·        improves the ion exchange (activation of osmosis and diffusion in cells), and hence improves the exchange of substances. 


·        neutralization of infections from the PATHOGENIC - BACTERIAL FLORA / PBF - viruses, bacteria, fungi and others 

·        blocking the “FACTOR OF THE GROWTH OF TUMOR ENTITIES” and inactivation of tumor cells themselves 

·        impact on thrombosis, hematoma (by dilution of blood) in trauma, brain attack, heart attack 

·        dissolution of sands, kidney stones, gall bladder, bladder 

·        impact on pathologies, dysfunctions, hormonal abnormalities in different organs and systems of the human body effective impact in pathologies in the musculoskeletal system (lumbago, sciatica, syndrome of the cervical spine, discopathy), after fracture healing.