Elaboration of individual graphical, numerological mandala (IGNM), analysis of it and provision of adjustment of the karmic disorders, using Correction Vibratory Line (CVL).

  • - IGNM – individual graphic numerological mandala (“platform of universe”), set of the vibration flows (torsion fields) of the ether-physical, the astral and mental body, represented by geometric figures and numbers on the basis of numerical transformation of the date of birth (MANDALA OF THE NATURE AND THE NAMES / MANDALA OF THE PERSONALITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL).
  • - CVL (correction vibratory line) – energy information structure (selected by systematic algorithm), composed of signs and symbols, emitting vibration flows with torsion nature (torsion fields).

The correction is done by the impact of the torsion fields of the signs and symbols of CVL on the torsion field of “personal witness” / DNA (lock of hair) of the individual, in order to neutralize the (-) torsion fields from the karmic disorders in the IGNM of the individual.