Radiestezional skills have been  known since the ancient Lemurians (third race/civilization in the development of humanity). These skills receive their highest level of development in Atlanteans (fourth race / civilization) and are lost and forgotten in today's fifth race/civilization of mankind .

Their revival has been gradual from the 18th century till now, as the places, where these skills were used were mostly monasteries (monks were able to seek underground water and minerals, missing people, animals, jewelry, etc.) 

The name “RADIESTEZIA” (Radiesthesie) is given by the founder of physical radiestezia – the French scientist radiophysics professor Louis Turenne (lived at the end of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century).“Radiestezia” is authorized international term, consisting of two words: radius (Latin) – waves, radiation; and esthesie (Greek) – feel. Radiestezia is “feeling of the waves, of the radiations”. The names, with which it is known around the world are different: radiestezia,lozohodstvo,pendule,radiesthesie,radiesthzie,bio-location.The people, who are skillful at that test method are called: radiestezists, pendulists or just operators.

 We live in an ocean of radiations (vibrations) and waves. Everything, which surrounds us, alive or not alive objects/subjects, is matter and exchanges, i.e. receives and radiates waves with torsion nature. In this case it refers to one of the laws of physics about the “wave-corpuscular nature of the matter” and for the so-called “Physical vacuum”. This “Physical vacuum” is a carrier of torsion fields/waves.

 These are torsion waves/vibrations with discreet nature, i.e. they can not be taken and measured with electronic equipment, but only through “bagels” and “pendulums”, with which the radiestezists work.

The main features of the torsion radiations are: they transfer only information without energy and are right rotating (+) and left rotating (-); trey travel with velocity, bigger than the velocity of light (V=10.c; c – velocity of light); the torsion frequencies occupy a range from 10 to the 20th degree, to 10 to the 40th degree Hz; they have a high penetrating ability without slackening; they have “memory” (i.e. they create “witness”/”phantom” about the source of radiation in the space); they arise not only in rotation (spin-effect), but can also be generated by geometrical and topological shapes (“the effect of the shape”). Radiestezical effect, in the light of the contemporary science concepts, is based on the connection of the human consciousness (torsion radiations from the brain cortex) with its internal “BIOCOMPUTER” / BC (the center of the sympathetic nervous system) through the chromosomal apparatus and the speech (this corresponds to a fundamental position in the linguistic genetics).

As a result of the comparison between the torsion radiation of the researched object/subject and the torsion radiation of the researcher in it’s internal BC, arises the so-called “ideomotor effect”, which forms the movement of the pendulum in a certain direction (right /code “YES” and left /code “NO”), which is the actual “radiestezical effect”.

Practically the radiestezical effect depends on the modules of the memory of the internal BC, in which the conscious (the torsion radiations of the brain cortex) asks a question and the subconscious (the torsion radiations from the information in the center of the sympathetic nervous system) gives an answer.

Briefly: the internal BC gives the connection between the conscious and the subconscious of the human.

With the radiestezical method it can be worked on three levels: energy, energy-informative and informative.

-       On energy level there is immediate registration of radiations of the studied objects (human, animal, plant, mineral etc.)

-       On energy-informative level there is a downloadof information, recorded in the subconscious (of events already known, i.e. those that have already occurred) by system for “memory”, started by the CONSCIOUS , using a thought or word, by chromosome apparatus. That level is also used when working on phantom/witness from the researched object/subject (DNA – lock of hair, drop of blood,  fingernail, picture, drawing with an image, schemes, maps, etc.)

-       On informational level there is a connection with the informational field of the Universe  / Universal informational bank (AKASHA).

There are two major parts: “Mental” and “Physical” radiestezia. The representatives of the mental school use the prepared by them “clear mental image” of the researched object/subject and using “bagels” and pendulums, they get the information they need.

Professor Turenne creates practical science theory, called “Physical radiestezia”/PR, which deservedly takes place in the scientific field, as a “science about the waves and their wave-resonance detection”.

The Physical radiestezia /PR works with measuring instruments (rulers, cynometers, tables, charts, pendulums, bagels, pendulum-bagels and others) and accurate “witnesses”/”phantoms” of the things, which are object of the research.

The application of the PR is so versatile that even in the 30-ies of the 20th century many call it a “SCIENCE OF THE SCIENCES”. It becomes widespread in countries such as France, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria and others. 

Here are some of the applications of the PR in the everyday life:   

On informational level:

  • search for underground water – drinking, industrial, thermal, mineral;
  • detection of underground resources – ores, minerals, oil, gas, coal and others;
  • in archeology – finding cultural layers (masonry, ceramics, bones and others);
  • in criminology – detection of missing people, animals (alive/dead), vehicles, household equipment, jewelry and others;
  • prognosis of the course of events and happenings in the life of the researched object. 

 On energy level:

  • verification of the quality of different types of healing agents and food products and supplements;  
  • detection of the influence of harmful waves (negative torsion radiation (with left rotation) on the living organisms (people, animals, plants)), and offering neutralization and protection against their influence;
  • qualitative and quantitative spectral analysis of samples of alloys and compounds;  

On energy-informative level:

  • verification of abilities, talents and extrasensory qualities in certain individual;
  • verification of compatibility between business partners and prospective spouse;
  • verification of the compliance of vibrations between two objects, based on a comparison of their torsion radiations with a witness/phantom of the objects;
  • determining the level of the current energy state of the human body, the causes of the violations and determination of the individual methods, means and dosages for energy correction and recovery of the human body. The verification can be done on a personal witness/phantom of the researched object (lock of hair, picture) without requiring its presence  

The following is based on the torsion technology:

  • neutralization of the harmful energy influences on the human body; 
  • field therapy (impact through selected frequencies of electronic generator) for restoring  the functions of various organs and systems in the human body (elimination of infections, brain and heart ischemia, blocking the development of tumor processes, correction of hormonal disorders, elimination of pathologies such as lumbago, sciatica, disc disease, healing tissue/injuries, fractures etc.)

1.     Using “Vibratory rows with digital code of the healthy body” for bio-energy adjustment and recovery of functions of different organs and body systems

 2.     Vibratory row – energy-informational bio-resonance emitter, presented as a sequence of signs and symbols, selected using a systematic algorithm and has the opposite phase characteristics which annihilate the spectrum of pathogenic organism structure 

3.     Digital code of the healthy body - energy-informational bio-resonance emitter - presented as a sequence of nine /9/ digits, selected using a systematic algorithm, which characterizes the healthy organism of the individual 

  • using pyramids with different geometry and size and Plato bodies for influence and recovery of the human body;
  • individually selected herbal tinctures, highly effective and biologically active food supplements and their dosages, according to the problems in the human body;
  • using of “CLUSTER DRINKING WATER”, which is structured by the broadcasting of images from the WATER CRYSTALS of Masaru Emotu.
  • using the “Ancient Egyptian system for harmonization and treatment of body and soul”  through special symbols on certain chakras.;
  • using energy-informational matrix bio-resonator for bio-correction of the human on certain chakras (nine degrees of the matrix of Vselenski “The flower of the universal spiritual love and wisdom”; 

 Aim: To prepare individuals to move from a three in four -dimensional space (passing from the fifth race/civilization in the sixth race/civilization of mankind in 2012 / 2013); a change in the brain levels of vibration (level of consciousness) / Hz. is  implemented and also a change in the number of chromosomes in the chromosome apparatus of the DNA.. 

Using the PR, in this case, provides speed, accuracy, prediction and visualization of the results, with the possibility to track their development (it is worked on cell level and the change of the vibration of the cell is registered).Here comes the idea, that the traditional medical methods may be supplemented by the methods of the medical physical radiestezia and are not mutually exclusive in any way.